A Community of Mature People Ready to Learn About YouTube

Get yourself ready to learn the YouTube ropes or improve your game.

Join our Senior Tuber Circle for multiple levels of learning, brainstorming, and connecting with other Senior Tubers. You no longer have to do it all alone!

Have A Channel? Want a Channel? No problem.

If you've been challenged by getting your message to others, you are not alone

Channel Not Performing?

If you have a channel that is not performing well, don't worry! We teach you how to optimize your channel, monetize it, and prepare videos that keep your audience engaged.

Don't Know Where to Begin?

Have an idea for a channel but don't know what to do next? Or, have NO idea where to begin but yearn to share your talents with the world? You'll learn how to maximize your niche for those waiting to hear all about it.

Work Best With Live Support?

Do you love brainstorming, feedback, and support? Want to be around different levels of like-minded creators who care about your vision and want to help you succeed?

Hi, I'm Fran Asaro and I created the Senior Tuber Circle to accommodate the needs of those who want to learn more about YouTube in a comfortable and fun environment.

  • Affordable Learning
  • Community Experience
  • Motivation and Support
  • Maximize your Channel's Performance
Senior Tuber Circle Affordable learning for mature YouTube Creators

Something for Everyone

You may be brand new, a seasoned creator, or anything in between. The important thing you need to know is that You belong here if you want to know more.

Below, we've created 3 levels of learning to choose from so that you can join the YouTube Content Creating conversation and begin or improve upon your journey. Which one suits you best?

Toe Dippers

This is a way to see what the Senior Tuber Circle is all about by being in the loop and observing.

This level is for you if you are:

  • Brand new to content-creating
  • New to the concept of The Senior Tuber

You will receive:

  • New Member Shoutout
  • YouTube Weekly Tips
  • Discounted Services
  • Facebook Community
  • Members Only brainstorming and community call
  • Members Only Weekly Training and Q&A Call
  • Exclusive Replay Videos
  • Promotion on Senior Tuber Channel
  • Private Facebook Group

$.99/per month



A 60-minute weekly call discussing everything YouTube and how to build a better channel.

This level is for those who:

  • Want to join a community of mature creators
  • Like to brainstorm
  • Get feedback, share wins, and discuss needs

You will receive:

Same perks as Toe Dippers


  • Members-Only brainstorming and community call
  • Exclusive Replay Videos
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Members Only Live Training and Q&A Office Hours

$10.00/per month

$99.00/per year

(Get 2 months Free)


Access to additional training and office hours with Fran

This level is for those who:

  • Want to learn the YouTube Ropes to maximize their efforts
  • Earn income from YouTube
  • Want to learn to professionally share their personal or business products, services, talents

You will receive:

Same perks as Toe Dippers & Creators, Plus:

  • Access to Members Only Training Library and Q&A Office Hrs
  • Showcase Eligibility (interviews, social profiles)
  • Exclusive Training Replays
  • Participate in Exclusive Senior Tuber Member Polls
  • Discounts on non-members-only training
  • Your channel will be promoted on the Senior Tuber YouTube Home Page

$14.99/per month

$149.99/per year

(Get 2 months Free)

Senior Tuber Circle Affordable learning for mature YouTube Creators

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